The decisions on how to educate our children are some of the most vital choices for a community to make, and yet we face a crisis in this area as the federal government has snatched the right to make those determinations out of local hands.  The federal government has no role in K-12 education; this is exclusively a role of the states and local jurisdiction, yet there have been multiple federal intrusions into this area, most significantly with the federal action known as Common Core.


Common Core is essentially a program that, through threats to withdraw federal funding, has been shoved on to states. The only factions to have benefited from this program are several organizations who stand to reap great benefits from the sale of testing materials, books and other services. The Common Core program itself has a variety of flaws which been detailed publicly in a variety of sources.


Representative Andrew Thompson introduced a bill in 2013 (HB 237) to repeal Common Core in the state of Ohio.  This bill languished in the Ohio House Education Committee and did not receive the appropriate hearings. In 2014, Representative Thompson and I introduced a new bill (HB 597) to repeal Common Core and the new bill was assigned to the House Rules Committee, which I chaired.  In August and September of 2014, we held several committee hearings and heard several dozen witnesses. This was the first actual evaluation of Common Core in public before any Ohio General Assembly hearing. The bill was ultimately amended based on the testimony given by various witnesses and the bill to repeal Common Core was passed out of the Rules Committee on November 6, 2014, which included my yes vote. The bill that Representative Thompson and I sponsored, HB 597, was the only Common Core repeal bill introduced and actually voted on in the Ohio General Assembly during my time in the Ohio House of Representatives.