Letter to Editor – Right Guy for Right Time

Matt Huffman is the right guy at the right time. On March 15th, I urge you to vote for Matt Huffman for Ohio State’s senate 12th district seat. Matt’s leadership in the house helped bring Ohio’s budget back under control while at the same time Matt worked to bring taxes down. He understands the importance […]

Letter to Editor – Huffman Stands Proudly on Record

Voters need to recognize the critical issues we continual battle as the primary election for District 12 state senate position approaches. Maybe it’s the pride the citizens in our communities take in their ethnic backgrounds that have continued to set us apart and make us known for our strong Midwestern work ethic. We want a […]

Letter to Editor – Huffman Seeks Opinions, Listens

I am writing to share my support for Matt Huffman for state senate and to ask others to do the same. I have personally known Matt and his family for nearly 20 years in many different capacities. I have watched him coach my kids, sat next to him in church, at school functions, and community […]

Letter to Editor – Buchy Urges Vote for Huffman

There are a lot of people whom I have built a relationship with from my fortunate position in elective office. In that time, I have met a handful of persons who stand out above the rest as statesmen whom have a tremendous amount of talent and have selflessly dedicated that talent to public service. In […]

Letter to Editor – Huffman is Best Candidate

I’d like to explain why Matt Huffman is the best candidate on the March 15 ballot for the 12th District Senate seat. Matt was a great leader on Lima City Council and in his years in the House of Representatives — but what I want to talk about are his values and his character. Matt […]