Letter to Editor – Huffman Stands Proudly on Record

Voters need to recognize the critical issues we continual battle as the primary election for District 12 state senate position approaches. Maybe it’s the pride the citizens in our communities take in their ethnic backgrounds that have continued to set us apart and make us known for our strong Midwestern work ethic. We want a candidate who shares our beliefs and values.

During his tenure as our state representative, Matt Huffman was able to distinguish himself as a leader across the state of Ohio. Further he was willing to reach across the aisle to resolve critical issues. His voting record speaks for itself: low taxes, small government, small business and making the economy grow.

In his last year, 2014, as our state representative, his voting record on a few key issues shows the following:

• “Yes” on a bill to reduce state income tax rates.

• “Yes” to amend the municipal income tax laws.

• “Nay” to increase the salaries of elected officials.

• “Yes” to a bill prohibiting the use of traffic cameras to issue a ticket unless an officer is present.

And he co-sponsored a bill to amend Ohio energy laws.

As a business owner, when we encountered an overzealous state bureaucrat we called Matt Huffman for his suggestion to resolve the matter. From prior knowledge regarding his legislative experience I felt Matt might understand the dilemma we faced. Even though he was no longer serving in the legislature he was still willing to guide us to the proper channels.

Our Senate District continues to need a strong pro community minded legislator who understands the issues facing our families and our businesses. I strongly encourage your vote for Matt Huffman.

-Greg Wannemacher