Letter to Editor – Huffman Will Work for District

I’ve known Matt Huffman for a few decades and have found him to be a man of principle.

He has always strived to do the right thing on whatever issue that he is working for. There is no doubt in my mind that he is wanting our county and our state to be the best he can assist them to be.

But, he strives to include the opinions of the rest of us to come to those final decisions. Whether you agree with every decision he makes or not you can be assured the process that he went through to get his answer was not done hastily or without varied input.

What you see is a man that believes in the Constitution and what our forefathers wanted for us all, most important, the 2nd Amendment, the one Amendment that gives the guarantee that the other amendments will always have the power to continue to exist.

These are the reasons I believe Matt Huffman will represent us well in Columbus and throughout the state.